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Leased Equipment Inspection Services

Loss Adjuster Inspecting Car Involved In AccidentGPS’s leased equipment inspections are the perfect tool to verify that all items under the lease have been delivered, match the physical assets description, are located / stored at the agreed location and in the condition reported. These types of inspections can be completed prior to funding the lease or at any time that risk levels warrant an onsite inspection. Our reports can be customized to fit your needs; all reports come with complimentary supporting photographs. Should you need to know the condition of an item quickly, a 24 hour rush service is also available to meet your deadline. Call today for more information.

We can also customize our service to include a detailed lessee interview to fit your needs. 

Loader excavator construction machinery equipmentEquipment Leased Items

  • Agricultural Equipment Leasing
  • Automotive Service Leasing
  • Computer Hardware & Software Leasing
  • Communication Equipment Leasing
  • Construction Grades, Loaders & Dozers Leasing
  • Energy Saving Equipment Leasing
  • Fire Trucks, Police Cars, Street Sweepers Leasing
  • Garbage Trucks Leasing
  • Police Car LightsFurniture & Fixture Leasing
  • Health & Fitness Equipment Leasing
  • Maintenance Equipment Leasing
  • Manufacturing & Plant Equipment Leasing
  • Medical Equipment Leasing
  • Refrigeration Equipment Leasing
  • Packaging Equipment Leasing
  • Printing Press/Copy Machine Leasing
  • Retail Gasoline Dispensing Equipment Leasing
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Equipment Leasing
  • Press printing - Offset machineSurveillance, Security & CCTV Leasing
  • Telephone System Leasing
  • Television, Movie & Sound Equipment Leasing
  • Vehicle (Both Commercial & Municipal) Leasing
  • Vending Equipment Leasing
  • Waste Compactor & Shredder Leasing
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Leasing

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