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Our Services

For more than a decade GPS has been recognized as being the eyes and ears company of the field service industry. Through our national network of professional representatives we are able to offer a suite of out of the box ready services and can begin delivering results for you immediately. We also offer customized services and will work with your team to create a solution that meets your requirements.

Onsite Interviews

GPS will dispatch a trained field representative to your stated address and will provide a detailed report of our findings in addition to any supporting photographs or documents requested. Learn More

Condition Reports

GPS will dispatch a trained field representative to conduct an on-site inspection of your collateral. The VIN or Serial number will be verified and any damages will be documented and photographed. Learn More

Merchant Site Inspections

Our trained staff conducts on-site visits and will provide you the information to mitigate risk and fraud, verify compliance, and determine the legitimacy of a business. Learn More

Leased Equipment Inspection Services

GPS’s leased equipment inspections are the perfect tool to verify that all items under the lease have been delivered, match the physical assets description, are located / stored at the agreed location and in the condition reported. Learn More

Priority Delivery Services

Our “Priority Delivery Service” delivers more than a package. We provide our clients with the same timely, professional services as commercial couriers, but with an emphasis on business-specific solutions, including customer outreach campaigns. Learn More

Loss Mitigation Services

The CFPB requires mortgage servicer’s or lenders to exhaust mitigation options prior to starting foreclosure proceedings. Our loss mitigation services are not limited to document pick-up or delivery. Our qualified representative can also verify all documents have been completed properly and are included in the return packet, facilitate “Keys for Cash” or attempt to place the borrower on the phone with your Loss Mitigation Specialist while at the location. Learn More

Commercial Site Inspections

Commercial site inspections are a critical component and the lenders responsibility before making funding decisions that could prove a costly mistake. Using GPS to provide an on-site commercial site inspection can greatly improve a client’s position before and after funding. Learn More

Mobile Notary Services

To survive in today’s fast-paced and competitive economy lenders must be flexible and able to meet borrower’s time constraints in order to win their business. GPS helps facilitate this need when a witness (notary) is needed. We will dispatch one of our national licensed notaries to meet your customer at their location at a time that suits both your needs and theirs. Learn More

Insurance Inspection Services

Insurance inspections are crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, especially as the regulatory environment becomes more demanding. Learn More

Occupancy Verification Services

GPS provides occupancy verification inspections for lenders, mortgage companies, investors, insurance agencies and many more. Learn More

Vendor Compliance Inspections

We can dispatch one of our qualified field representatives within hours to complete a verification inspection customized to fit your needs. Learn More

Francise Inspections

GPS can tailor an inspection program to ensure that your franchisee is maintaining compliance with your brand standards, to include signage, product display, site safety and franchise requirement inspections.  Learn More