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Julie S. (National Bank – Loss Recovery Department)
Thank you for your email, and I can report that I have been getting call backs and one customer paid a large down payment on his file.  I want to thank you and your staff again, and keep doing what you’re doing and we will continue passing our files your way! 
Derek K. (National Franchisor)
"Thank you for the referral to Guardian Portfolio Services. While we have used other field service providers in the past, GPS has proven they deliver what other companies only promise. The results, turnaround time and customer service have been amazing."
Susan W. (Independent Leasing and Finance Provider)
“We appreciate the effort your team has put towards helping keep our delinquency and losses down. Thank you very much!”
Scott O (Leading Auto Finance Company)
“Hi Jay, Doug and John, Happy New Year! Here is your updated performance data. If you would like a more detailed description of your performance let me know. You are still #1. Great work finishing the historically low performing EOY with great performance and strides above the competition”
Anita J. (Subprime Auto Finance Company)
“Your service levels are great, I’ll over share with you and say that while we strive to have some balance between our chase companies, every collector and supervisor in this office feels GPS give us the best updates, best effort and we love the user-friendly website too.”
Jason D. (Federal Credit Union)
“Thank you very much for having the same sense of urgency as we do! We appreciate your partnership and only have great overall feedback from the team about your service! Keep doing what you do!”
Mark G (Auto Finance Company) - Executive Director
“You have shown to be steps above the rest in professionalism, performance, and customer service. It has been our pleasure to see how your company operates and stays consistent across all means.”